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May 16, 2012


"Having vision beyond your resources is synonymous with dreaming big."

I think it is important that we don't confuse vision with daydreams. Vision, at least in the way it is used in the Bible, refers to a form of communication from God. While God can and does communicate a set of goals for an organization, he doesn't always. We should not dismiss vision that isn't synonymous with dreaming big so flippantly.

I think of the pastor of a small country church whose congregation has dwindled from old age. He has nearly given up. Everything he has tried to build the church has failed. He wonders if it is time for the church to close its door. He wonders if it is time to move on. But he hears that still small voice, “You’re where I want you to be.” It isn’t hard for him to dream of hundreds coming to the church he pastors, but that isn’t the vision. The vision is, “You’re where I want you to be.” He doesn’t know why he is to stay, only that he is to stay. It seems to me that that kind of vision requires even more faith than a big dream.

Tim, I love this point from your comment: "I think it is important that we don't confuse vision with daydreams." I agree. You reminded me of something Heschel wrote in "God in Search of Man" (a great book http://books.google.com/books/about/God_in_Search_of_Man.html?id=UwVqXSp0WFYC). I have to paraphrase from memory: Many men make the mistake of confusing their whims for real desires.

Tim, do you (or anyone else) have ideas about how to sift out the vision from daydreams?

You give an excellent example of faithfulness in the small church pastor. It's a good reminder that faithfulness won't always appear exciting (or miraculous?) from the outside.

Thanks for sharing Tim, your contributions add a lot to this blog.


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