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May 03, 2012


I'm thankful I can read. Reading lets me hear from interesting and wise people whom I may never meet in person.

Thankful for these emails sent daily which make me realize how far i am from where i need to be and bringing me back to focus on where i should be going.

Diana, thank you so much for leaving your comment. I'm glad the Daily Inspiration emails are helpful and encouraging to you!

AM THANKFUL FOR THE GIFT OF LIFE...God is in control no matter what i may be faving as He has promised to never leave nor abandon...knowing God is will always be wit me fills me with strength to face all. Your devotions vebeen divinely sent for my personal meditation..check on my faith..relationship with my creator..people..take hard look and accept to take responsibility..nt essay bt working on it. God bless u.. U ve helpd me time&time especialy my marital isdues which r huge and seems to add everyday..pray for us.

I'm so thankful to God that my five senses are working perfectly

I am thankful for AD/HD, OCD, and Sensory Integration Disorder. All of these things are what Ann Calls Hard Eucharisteo's. This is the one place where I was the most unthankful. My son, my good and perfect gift has all three of these things. It can make for a pretty rough day sometimes. I can't imagine how he must feel on the inside, when daily things must seem so chaotic in his little brain. I was so angry and embittered at God for knitting him together with the very things I prayed against when I was pregnant with him. God knew all along wht would best refine me and he uses these things to keep me close to him. Without theses things in my life, I might not be walking as close as I am now. Thank you God for the refiner's fire! I Love you! Your daughter, ~ Lori

I am thankful that overeating sweets causes me to feel heavy, sluggish, tired and yucky. Every time. And I'm especially grateful for His grace in helping me to overcome this powerful addiction. Prayers please. Thank you.

I am thankful for frozen pizza on a Friday night so that I don't have to cook dinner after a long work week. :)

A fist little nail at a time: my first thought is to be thankful for my sleep, which I always mention it as my special blessing. I can virtually sleep anywhere, buses, planes, cars, sofa and get a good rest, and it doesn't take me long to fall asleep! My every day I face a lot of challenges, both at work and at home, but because I can sleep so well, I can deal with the rest, knowing it's Our Father's Hand in my life.

I am thankful for my garden and the green beans, carrots, red beets, onions, and cooked cabbage that we had for supper that only a couple hours before were still on the vine and in the ground.

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