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May 31, 2012


i 'stumbled' on your site when i was searching for some inspiration from the Bible. I even signed up to your site. I am not saved and every time I kept on receiving your email, I was not able to read but kept on deleting them.
I come from Kenya, in March I joined a class called Mizizi which means 'roots' in Kiswahili in church (Mavuno (meaning harvest in Kiswali)Church along Mombasa road in Nairobi, which is part of the larger Nairobi Chapel) and a home for FEARLESS INFLUENCERS!! From there I have learnt alot about the word of God and how to connect with God and i have been transformed into a fearless influemcer and reconnected and found my purpose in

My life has changed and its reflecting everywhere i go. I still am struggling in some areas but i know i will overcome them in with Jesus by my side as well as my new Life Group members who are my God counselors. We are all accountable for each other we are 14 of us in our LG. (oh by the way, once you are done with Mizizi.. the group you were placed in becomes your Life Group we call them LGs)

I may have stumbled on you site 'by mistake them'...but now i realize it was God's hand working here to mold me into what he aspired to do so even before I was born!!!

Thanx again n God bless the work of your hands.


(from Nairobi, Kenya)

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