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February 23, 2012


I started reading one thousand gifts and Ann has articulated painful questions, perplexing conundrums that keep our lives on hold. As I open myself up to abandoned gratitude, life is starting to fill up around me with people when I was so very isolated. I prayed for friends, and He is bringing me friends. Grace moment was revisiting our old church that we love and being approached by an old friend who acted as if I had never been gone.

Robin, that is a wonderful story of answered prayer. Thank you so much for sharing.


I am so thankful I "stumbled" upon Ann's site just one year ago and found this rich, rich book...it has been transformative in my life...counting the graces...the smallest of ones that I trampled over daily...now being awaken to God and His beauty everywhere...and learning"something always comes to fill the empty spaces"...I get to choose to fill it...and filling it with thanksgiving...fills me full. A thousand thanks here...to the Lord and to Ann...

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