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February 29, 2012


Ann Voskamp
Several friends from my Church introduced me to your blog and then I read your book. What an amazing time I had worshipping and entering into His Presence. Thank you for your amazing talent that has spoke to so many! We are grateful!

Wonderful writing Ann! I just adore your book and it has given me just exactly what I needed, what God desired me to know and read. Your book was a gift from Him to me. His divine direction lead me to your book and I was unaware of your book and you as an author. In Barnes and Nobles God directed my footsteps to exact shelf of your book and spoke ever so sweetly to me to read and take it in. So I did and I am ever so thankful to Him and for your transparent writing. I am also writing my thankfulness and gratitude journal as I praise and glorify Him and His work. You have blessed many by your words of truth. Keep writing dear friend!

ANN, You are awesome like at the women's retreat from Grace. I love to read your words and am inspired by your vision. Thank you!

This is inspiring and lovely all rolled into one! Love, love, love how the Holy Spirit speaks through you to speak to His children :) Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a magnificent way, your words clarify the things God has been trying to teach me for years ...

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