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February 27, 2012


Love of man for another man(human beings) is such a deep thing felt deep inside your heart and soul.It is capable of turning your life around either for the better or destruction. It affects the way you live your life I.e think,move,dress,eat,thoughts and relate to eithers. Your focus is the person you love and whatever that person loves. You want to live as that person lives and you sacrifice to do what pleases them. Gods loves is even deeper. It cuts through areas that we fail to easily cut through-forgiveness. He sacrificed his ONLY son for our benefit and he expects us to respond with such affection to his love for us. He longs to be embraced, kissed,respected,talked with,shared pain and joys with,honored,thought of and obeyed. Imagine how you feel about your spouse and what you expect from them. Now place God in your place and you take the place of your spouse. That's what you must live and behave towrds God and even much more.

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