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February 09, 2012


I have begun on Facebook Ministry to Playboy a prayer outreach to models and the ladies of Playboy.The Ministry is to demonstrate the love of Jesus to these ladies;to proclaim them for the Kingdom of God.

I think it is A B D E.


I believe A-E could all be used to build the Kingdom of God. A,B and E are all obvious, I would think, but C and D require more explanation. C- "Writing a poem" may seem odd but as with popular songs we remember lyrics that we may not have even thought through. When reading a poem we generally take more time and soak it in. The Psalms have provided comfort, encouragement etc for thousands of years as well as acted to expand on our knowledge of God and His love and attributes. Contemporary poetry can likewise be used for the Kingdom. D- "Cultivating a garden" is a great way to share the miracle of life and growth with others and then used to point them to the Creator. Another use for building the Kingdom is to give flowers or vegetables from the garden to the less fortunate in essence being like Christ by providing for them and if they ask why that is an invitation to share Christ with them.

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