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January 17, 2012


Question? Since emperor Qin ruled for only eleven years,and it took 700,000 workers 36 years to build his Terra Cotta army, are we to understand that his ordered army continued to be worked on 26 years after his death?
I don't understand.
Paul [email protected]

Paul, great question.

I discovered three viewpoints on the matter, which you can see here: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_long_did_it_take_to_build_the_Terracotta_Army

It appears that Mark Hall sides with viewpoint #2, that it took nearly 40 years. (This is likely the view espoused by the museum exhibit he was referencing.)

If the 40-year figure is correct, then you're right that Qin's son continued the project after his father's death.

Paul, you get the MPC (Most Perceptive Commenter) award for the day. :-)


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