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January 31, 2012


Good morning Adam, what a wonder post to read this morning. I'd have to go with D. I possibly do it too much and have even been called ditsy, for my Pollyanna attitude, when I'm clearly not. Don't get me wrong, I can sin way to much with the best of them, but I usually have to be pushed for that attitude to come out.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for giving me something to ponder....Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

I share the same view you share too-about thinking of their motives for their/peoples actions in the positive light. I'm in a training process of learning how not to jump into conclusion but to give them the benefit of the doubt and I tell you this has helped me in so many ways-I do not end up feeling hurt or down cast as I used to when I read negative meanings or motive behind peoples actions.

Chima-onumajuru: Thanks for sharing your experience with Lois's tips on giving people the benefit of the doubt. I'm glad you're finding this practice beneficial.

Tracy: Thank you for the encouragement, I appreciate it. Blessings,


I have learned to call my judgments best guesses. I would never take a best guess as a final judgement but I can operate in and navigate a complex social/spiritual interactions with a best guess in mind to guide me and be guided by Holy Spirit.
God did not give us our minds to be mush but to be used, make decisions, aka judgments, aka best guesses, so we can love as Christ loved on an individual basis.

Love is not one size fits all but dynamic and alive with our mind creatively and purposefully designing ways to love God's people you come in contact with. I feel this is the spirit of Church discipline not to destroy but to restore fellowship within the Church. How would this act of grace be accomplished with out judgment?

My Judgments have changed over the years. while at the beginning I took each as flexible. Now I have found that some people have a damaging effect on me and I need to pass them off to another believer that has a different skill set than I to help them out of their problems and closer to the Lord. Still learning though!


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