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July 21, 2011


I got a sign up error that said I may have already signed up to review this book but I haven't. I'd love to review it if you'd like to contact me. Thanks! : )

Sorry about that Celena! I (Adam Forrest) just sent you an email.

I received an error message also, said the same thing that I have already signed up and I am pretty sure I didn't. I would really love to sign up to review this book. Sounds like one I would love!!

I posted my review a little early! Oops!


I would like to review the book "Nobody's Child", but something went wrong with my request...

But the main reason I got on your blog is to see if there are any bloggers out there that would mind walking me through the Pradis Bible software. Since tech support is no longer available, I am stranded with Greek/Hebrew reference software that I desperately need for my theological research, and not enough money to purchase any more up to date material. Would it be possible to make my need known to fellow bloggers? Thank you in advance, Paul Hinman

I have scheduled my review of this title. It will be live Monday, Sept. 5 @: http://www.hankinsfamily.com/2011/09/book-review-nobodys-child.html

Thanks you very much for NOBODY'S CHILD. Wow what a book. Our choices certainly have consequences!!
I have posted my review on:http://grammageri.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/nobodys-child-by-austin-boyd-2/ ‎and


Posted my review here http://organicshoes.tumblr.com/post/9892044641/nobodya-child-where-faith-and-ethics-combine and on Christianbook.com

Thanks for the opportunity!

I posted my review on my blog:

And also on www.cbd.com.

Thanks for the good book!

Found this novel very interesting, takes the world of "adoption" to a whole new level. Thank you for being willing to address the ethical issues being presented in our culture through fiction.

Jennifer posted a thoughtful review at the Quiverfull Family blog:


Thanks Jennifer!

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