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June 23, 2011


Oh woooooow!!! I am absolutely blown away, I mean, WOW!! I dont even have words... God is amazing. He is and when you seek him, you WILL find him, when he knows that deepdown you are seeking him, you will find him. Oh n he has a sense of humour, I always say to him Lord you know I like facebook and twitter and you know I like looking at peoples profiles and I found this and am just blown away, exactly what i needed.
Margaret Feinberg and the gentleman thta conducted the interview, sorry didnt get your name but you two definately followed God's voice doing this interview, probably without even realising it.Im blessed:), praise God... And you are such a beautiful woman, your eyes are beautiful and your voice is so soothing, it was like listening to God himself. Then energy you have around you, the way you speak so pasionately, the laughing, you were both just sooo natural and calm and it was amazing, I could listen to you all day.
Everyone that was behind this interview, WOW! i listened to all of them and I want more, haha... now you two, keep doing this, it has God all over it.
Love you and God bless you:)

Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed doing this interview with Margaret. She's been one of my absolute favorite authors for several years!

And I agree quite a bit with what Margaret shared about how God speaks to us. But definitely think that it requires discipline to make sure that we are being obedient to the right voice...

Thank you again for sharing this here!

Dan King

Dan, you did excellent work on that interview!

Margaret is great. I'm especially intrigued by the idea of a "divine appetite." ^Adam

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