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June 01, 2011


I'd love to review this one. Karen's one of my favorite authors! :)

I have read all of Karen Kingsbury's books featuring the Baxter's and would love to review 'Learning'.

The 50 winners of our "Learning" giveaway from Facebook:
Alexis B., VA
Ann A., ND
Ashley F., PA
Barb S., KY
Becki L., MN
Bethan P., NY
Brian W., DC
Carolyn H., AL
Charlotte P., AL
Cheryl S., OH
Craig F., AR
Daniel T., CA
Daynelle B., ND
Dean G., MI
Debbie W., NY
Dee M., FL
Erin S., VA
Holly P., GA
Janet K., WV
Jeanne V., OH
Jeannette J., NC
Jen R., NY
Jen W., MO
Jennifer B., TX
Karla W., NY
Kathy F., NJ
Keri D., TN
Lance S., RI
Laura P., VA
Lisa M., NC
Maryann S., NY
Michele S., OH
Monica K., CO
Nancy C., KY
Nicole N., NC
Nikki G., KY
Patti L., TN
Peggy C., TN
Ron M., OH
RoseMary P., AZ
Sandra A., PA
Sandy B., OK
Sarah U., SC
Shanon P., OH
Sophia W., NC
Stacie M., MS
Tabatha D., TX
Tamie W., OH
Teresa R., NC
Tia H., MN

If your name is above, we are going to ship your book very soon. Thank you to everyone who entered! If you'd like to know when we host another book giveaway, subscribe to Zondervan Blog.

Our review for the book "Learning" Bailey Flanigan series, book 2, is posted on our blog @ http://rivertreereads.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-review.html

Here is my review for "Learning"

Also posted on http://www.cbd.com

I tried to comment but it would not go through. I will try a second time!
My review for "Learning" by Karen Kingsbury is posted on my Blog: http://www.lauriehere.blogspot.com
Scroll down as I have posted a few other things as well!
Besides my Blog, I've also posted the review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and on Goodreads!
Thank you SO much for the opportunity to be able to read and write a review on Karen Kingbury's books! I love them so!!! I did one for you for book 1, also! Hoping to get the opportunity for books 3 and 4, for the Bailey Flanigan series also!!! REALLY looking forward to it!!
Thank you!!
Laurie Carlson

Hey Laurie, sorry about your trouble in leaving the comment - I'm glad it worked the second time! I look forward to reading your review, -Adam

Posted my review of Leaving on my blog. Love this series and can't wait to read the next one in the fall!






Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this blog tour.


LOVED it! (As always!) Thanks for the opportunity to review.

Blog post: http://www.youngwifeandmom.com/2011/07/book-review-learning-by-karen-kingsbury.html

B&N review: http://my.barnesandnoble.com/communityportal/review.aspx?reviewid=1750028

Thank you for allowing me to read this book. Here is my review. http://thoughtsfromthetub.blogspot.com/2011/07/learning-by-karen-kingsbury.html
I have also posted a review at amazon.
Have a great day.

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