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May 25, 2011


There's a slight flaw in that it's required to select a box, however if none apply and you select "0", you're told there's a question or two you need to fill out. Only after picking a response, was I able to get to the next screen to the answers. Unless of course, the quiz is purposely set this way to prove a point.

Pat: I wish I were smart enough to plan that! It was an error on my part though, and I will change the quiz on your recommendation. Thank you for your insight! -Adam

Thanks, Adam. :)

I find the term surprising. I believe there are many who have "prayed the prayer" but who never did a 180* and walked away from their past of sin to walk in new life. Jesus even spoke of these who prayed "Lord Lord" but will not enter into His glory. Personally, if someone is saying they are following Christ (a term I prefer over Christian) but not bearing fruit, I am going to share Christ as if they do not know Him.

Faith in God and His abiity to do great and mighty things comes from experiencing His power in our lives. (miracles, meeting financial needs, protection...) As with our human connections, we can only know God by spending time in His presence.

Ruth, thank you for sharing. I agree that we can only know God by spending time with him.

I think for a lot of people (including me), it's easy to forget that bearing fruit isn't exactly automatic. Bearing fruit takes a commitment, and it can be painful. It's a good investment, though. :) Thanks for your thoughts! -Adam

By your logic, I have strong tendencies towards being a Christian Atheist. There's one problem - I'm not a Christian! Perhaps you should add an important 1st question:
"Do you identify as Christian?"

Just a thought.

Good point. I neglected to clarify that the quiz assumes its takers are self-described Christians. Thank you for your feedback, and I'll keep it in mind for future projects here.

Do you mind if I ask how you found out about this quiz? I'm just curious. Thank you,

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