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March 06, 2009


I used to be a very avid watcher of the show, but lately I have noticed that Kate really is a bossy person. Jon does alot of the work, she cleans the kitchen, I don't understand.
He bathes the kids and gets them ready for bed and school. Jon you do fatherhood great.

Mom of 3 20 year old

Zondervan, why is it that you do not allow thoughts from Christians who feel the Gosselins are not setting a Godly example? You have taken this post down many times and deleted the comments from Christians who do not agree with the way this family is exposing their children and cashing in BIG by demanding monetary love offerings at church appearances.

Are these 2 parents the example you want all Christians to follow, especially with how they conduct themselves towards EACHOTHER?

You should be ashamed! Zondervan has blood on its hands as a result of the greedy exploitation of these children and the demise of another family, all in the name of the almighty dollar! I have more respect for porn peddlers; at least they are honest with the public about what it is they sell. Stop refering to yourself as Christian!

I am upset that my comments keep getting removed. There was no bad language, just an honest statement about my feelings about the book/author. Why are you censoring comments that make Kate look anything less then a wonderful christain stay at home mom?

As a christian mom living in an area with few active christians I have enjoyed my of your companies books in the past. I read them for advice, and inspiration. Now I see your company still backs Kate Gosselin(and I am not refrring to anything in the magazines). The books are showing a stay at home christian mom , yet you have her on a book tour for months, even on the weekend of her kids birthday and mothers day she is gone signing books! When is she home with her kids baking? When is she at church? I will not buy books in the future from your company, espcially from new authors if Kate Gosselin is what you consider to be a role model for Christian stay at home moms.

Kate is in this for Kate, the rest of the world be da**ed.

Live life Inspired...inspired by what? A trashy piece of work like Kate. I don't think so. Maybe the Zondervan crew needs to take a day or two to reflect on the state of things. Ask forgiveness of our God and the eight Gosselins children for the harm done to them.

I am, plain and simple appalled that you would take down every post that happens to think that Kate Gosselin is the very last person that should ever be called a Christian mom !

That is a true insult to all the wonderful mothers out there that would, put God first, then family, then the last thing we would choose on this list is money ! This is totally in reverse order for Kate.

How could you possibly be involved with anyone that has proven time and time again to be the biggest liar and the worse excuse for a mother that ever PRETENDED to write a book on raising children and even worse, to PRETEND to be a good Christian.

Can't you see that she has no regard for the lifes of her children?

This is called 'Child Exploitation' and you are supporting that !

I am truly dissappointed in your poor judgement and refuse to purchase anything that has your endorsement, until you release Kate Gosselin from any ties she has with you.

Please help this family become a family again. The whole family needs therapy. All their priorities are so messed up now, it seems to be money and fame they are looking for and all at the expense of their beautiful children. Kate will never see that she is wrong. I will never buy a book supporting this family or from Zondervan ever. She is not a Christian inspiration!! Will someone please help these children!!

I am surprised that you would remove Beth Carson's name as the author of the book about the Gosselin family.

Anyone that has listened to Kate talk for 5 minutes can clearly see she is incapable of writing a sentence, let alone a book.

As a Christian company, why would you risk your reputation on that woman? Shame on you!

It is heart breaking to see what has become of the Gosselin family.

Surely, surely as a Christian company you could never condone Kate's evil nature.

She has most certainly has driven Jon away from the family, and into an adulterous relationship with a young school teacher.

How can you have any part of this?

I will not be buying any of your merchandise from this day forward.

The show Jon and Kate Plus 8 should be removed from public view. This family is exploiting their children.

TLC is exploiting the whole family~

I believe Ms Eileen O'Neill, President of TLC, must have ice water running through her veins. She says it is hard to pull out of something "when the numbers are high." She is very proud of herself for what she has done for TLC. She doesn't care whose little fingers she steps on in her climb up the career ladder. She is truly despicable.

I was very surprised to find out that a Christian company is publishing the Gosselin's books. I refuse to support anything monetarily that has to do with them. I feel that the children are being exploited and that, even before all the current problems, the marriage was not an example for Christians to follow. I do not know what it is like to have 8 children, but the way they treated each other is not what the world needs to see in a time when families are under attack. What would she have to teach the rest of us about raising children and marriage? Obviously not much, as we are lambasted with their failures constantly.

i think that the gossilns did what they had to do so that they could provide a good life for all the kids

Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.Good Luck!

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