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August 27, 2008


I want to commend Renee for her honesty and for sharing her hope.

Thank you for reminding us that there is always hope. You are loved, Renee. And very, very courageous.

I'm reminded how we are all broken, shattered individuals to one extent or another and how the grace and mercy of Jesus picks us up, points us in the right direction, and rebuilds us while we still walk (and stumble) on this earth. How we so desperately need Him!

I sat up last night until the wee hours of the morning reading your blog - all of it. I'm a bit of a speed reader. :)

One of the things that struck me was how many women I have met who have finally told their own stories of abuse and they were all inspired to do so by a brave warrior such as yourself.

You matter, your words are read by countless strangers who may never contact you, strangers who find strength to fight their own battles by reading about yours.

Tomorrow, someone might read what you wrote today and find hope. Next week, somebody might read what you write tomorrow and find strength.

Hope, to me, is all about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day, and if it isn't, then there is another tomorrow to hope for.

Renee - thank you, once again, for your honesty and courage...there is hope in that.

As a counselor, I often have people sitting across from me, in the midst of the aftermath trauma and abuse, asking me how they can have hope, asking where God was in the midst of the horror, and wondering how they could ever trust a God who would ever allow such horrific things. It's at those moments (and many more) that I am so thankful for your story. I tell them to read the journey of a woman who is stumbling towards faith...and hope.

Grace and Peace

Thank you for sharing this, Renée. Your honesty helps me be honest amid my own struggles with life and sanity.

Hang in the battle dear sister! Your honesty helps create real spiritual communtiy & hope for all of us.

Well said.

Thanks Renee!

I love survivors. Always have.
People, especially WOMEN, who have been pushed or walked all by themselves right to the edge of their own mortality, who have stared down their demons again and again, who refuse to go gently, who continue to fight back, who keep pulling themselves back up, who don't let the worst thing that ever happened to them be their whole story--- those are my kind of heroes.
Renee is all of that and more.

Renee, another amazing post from an amazing author and woman! Thanks for continuing to share your story!

Through my own journey and relapses and getting up again, Renee has been a beacon of hope - the ability to call things as they are and yet carry on in spite of them. For me, hope is a woman named (not by her parents) Renee who gets up each morning and decides to live another day.

I'm so grateful that you've held out the Light for us.
Maybe with your kind of honesty, there will be less places for the dark to hide.


Hang in there! Thanks for staying hopeful; many of us rely on people like you to keep our own hope alive.


This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

You put into words everything about faith that I would say if I could express my feelings. I ask people to read your book so they will understand.

Renee - In so few words you say something so profound that I lingered over this post for quite a while last night. Thank you for sharing your heart - struggles and all.

We are slaves to HOPE and hope is not a feeling. Feelings aren't truth. The truth is that God is loving and present, even when it doesn't feel like it...and even when weare alone in the darkest night with no one to witness us catching a glimmer of the promise of our master. Who is hope. Renee ges that. Its not about happy-go-lucky feelings. Hope comes in knowing the Truth wins.

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