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July 28, 2008


Wayyyy cool! I can't wait to try it out for myself.

To me, this seems like one of those "the emperor has no clothes" moments. If the customer is already in the store, why would they want to buy a piece of paper that they can take home and download a file? The reason people like downloading things is because it saves them time, but this seems to require more time. In the software world, people prefer to have the physical disks, but they are willing to download software because it take valuable time to run to the store or wait for the post office to deliver. Symtio seems to miss the mark completely.

Tim, why do people buy download cards for iTunes at stores? 1. You don't have to risk your credit card number online. 2. It's an easy way to give a gift.

Also, what about the folks who've never considered downloads before? What about the retailers who can now "carry" a much larger inventory without the added cost?

I think it's right on target.

I am super excited about this product. I am a Christian Bookstore Owner and am sure I will be one of my best customers for this product! The nice thing with this is that it is compatible with all devices. The Kindle from Amazon you have to get all your books from Amazon so there is no flexibility. Plus this will be a lot easier for gift giving. I have a friend that is in Africa as a missionary. She can only receive one shoebox size package a month but she loves to read. As soon as this product is release I am sending her a Sony Reader and a few eBooks. It is a great solution! And the price range is great!

Great idea. The retailer is the difficult link in the chain. If I were mailing a gift to someone else, it makes sense to purchase a card from a retailer. If it's for me, why not just buy directly online? The extra step may guard the retailer, but I bet it will lose customers who are not purchasing the cards as gifts for others, but for themselves.

If the book is for me, I don't need a nice card. What I need is immediate delivery of the book. If I have to go to a retailer to buy a card to come back to the computer, I would just as soon buy the book online and wait for shipping. The point of "online" for the customer is immediate delivery. Even the drive to the retailer may be too much (unless, as I said, I want to purchase the card and mail it).

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