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March 14, 2008


Ok Guys, I wrote up a quick blog on our site about your subject. (Pasted below)Feel free to answer the questions and check the site out at www.mynewhorizons.org.

I came across an interesting news report about a couple of guys who are traveling around the U.S. this summer advocating Jesus for President. No, they’re not delusional and expecting that Christ will miraculously appear and take his rightful place in the Oval Office. But they do bring up some great points. One of the authors described their book and tour as being about the “political imagination of what it means to follow after Jesus” and that “the language of Jesus as Lord and savior is just as radical as it would be to say “Jesus as our commander and chief today.” While I initially liked much of what I got off their website, I can’t really comment on the book because I haven’t read it. But there are a few questions I would like to ask.

-Are they really focused on the Kingdom of God or is this just a facade to social justice and another post-modern political agenda? One of the authors, Shane Claiborne, noted that they are not asking people to endorse a political candidate but to get at “the heart of Jesus and that is the poor or the peacemakers and when we that then we’ll get behind them.” The actual text alluded to from above is Jesus saying blessed are the poor in spirit. (Matt. 5:3)

-Secondly, are they keeping the whole of scripture in context? There is a scriptural role for the state in the Bible, and that’s to maintain order. Note Romans 13. (Again note Matt. 5:3 above)

-When talking about the Love of God, are they talking about the Holiness of God and obedience to Him? So many times people will quote Jesus when he freed the woman caught in adultery by silencing critics with the word, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” But then they leave off the last line where Jesus does not condemn the woman, but exhorts her to “leave her life of sin.” (John 8:11)

Anyway, you can decide for yourself. Their Kingdom of God stuff is great. That’s really what Jesus talked about. Check the links at:


I picked up this book along with The Son Rises, Resurrecting the Resurrection. This is a very interesting book and I want to write in Jesus on the ballot as I really don't care for Obama or McCain. Please send me any further updates on your book or on this site.

I just finished reading the book and found it very challenging and inspiring. I'm not an intellectual or critic, so I don't have anything groundbreaking to say. Just thought you all might be interested in the email that popped up in my inbox a few days after I finished the book. http://www.greatdanepromilitary.com/Battle%20Hymn/index.htm
It made me think of the description in the book about the church that raised the flag above the cross. I watched this little video and it made me weep to see my great and awesome God used as a marketing tool to prop up a "Go USA" ad. Pictures of pasty, wavy-haired Jesus popping up here and there in front of an ever-present, screen-hogging American flag. Notice, too that the kids in the background sing "let us LIVE to make men free" while the words on the screen (intentionally, I think) say "DIE to make men free" with military images a plenty. Watching a transparent bible super-imposed upon the White House sent shivers down my spine and they were not shivers of Godly inspiration. I pray that we, as Christ followers, always remain mindful that He is our beacon and our worldly citizenship can serve to spur us on or distract us from Him. It should never be a beacon itself, no matter how bright its percieved light. (In fact, I think the brighter the light, the more distracting it becomes.) Thanks for being a tool God has used to stir my heart!

I attended the San Francisco event last night and I was excited to see this younger generation calling us all to action to live out the Bible as Jesus intended us to live. I visited Kenya this past May. The missionaries there are teaching the people to care about the communtiy to love one another. It was amazing! Returning to the US was difficult because we do not even look at the person next to us.

So listening to Shane and Chris I was excited to hear them preaching this message of Love and living out the life of Jesus.
The one thing I think was missing however, was the resurrection. Shane and Chris took such care and detail to walk us through the Christian history from before Adam and Eve all the way to the point of the cross and left us there. Many people have died by cruxification, but only Jesus rose from the dead and lives in us that confess Him as Lord and Savior.

I wasn't expecting or looking for an alter call - that was not what the night about. But to leave Jesus on the cross is not telling the whole story. It seemed they left a vital part out of the evening.

Romans 10:9 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

I understand the evenings intent is to rally the Christians to actions, to have us rethink our Christian walk, to walk beside our neighbors rather walk over them, to Love the world not act like it and to live like Jesus, but wouldn't be great to have some souls saved for the Kingdom of God in the process? Shane and Chris are most likely speaking to many religious backgrounds, not just Christians and this may be the first person they have heard (or be willing to listen to)preach the truth of the gospel. Shane and Chris I think you need to heard the WHOLE story.

Thanks for all your doing and for exposing the Love of Christ!

Jesus is the Chief Sheppard, the son of GOD and he lives in the hearts of believers. It would be nice to have a manger with a statue of Jesus in the Rose Garden at the White House to remind the current President that Jesus is leading this Nation. Today with torture in the News and warnings from the Red Cross that Bush will be charged with War Crimes it's easy to see the Nation has lost its moral supremacy. Let not lose our focus on Christ's Supremacy....

Just saw a cnn piece on the tour, then found the site. Am also watching the panel discussion on three degrees of faith. Very good and blessed all. I can very much relate to the discussion that the evangelicals like southern baptists have some misguided notions of the kingdom of God and what Jesus would do in regards to politics of the day.

I have come to believe that abortion is wrong and an abomination that the Church of Christ has fought of nearly 2000 years. Radical ugly behavior is not the solution. Faith, Love combined with knowledge and understanding will carry the day.

Anyway I'm an ole 58 year old Christian Biker who may just putt over to Orlando on the 20th of July to partake and support a noble message of Christ.



Thanks so much to Shane, Chris and everyone at Zondervan for this amazing book. We really appreciate what you guys are doing.

I would love to be able to go to jesusforpresident.org, which is referenced often in the footnotes of the book, for more information and to hear from a community. However, I find myself serving Jesus at the moment by living in Africa. Any chance you guys could put up a text-only site for those of us radical enough to not have high-speed internet? =) I'm sure the site, like the book, features beautiful art and graphics, but this makes it completely inaccessible to those living outside the bell of the beast.

Thanks again!

Hello. I am almost finished reading your book and I have to say that it puts into light everything i have been struggling with for the past three years. I am a soldier in the United States Army. I love my country. I want to see my kids and their kids go on to live free lives. I want to do my part in make that dream a reality but how can I when the cost of doing so requires me do go against my faith. How can i be asked to pick up a weapon and kill. It could be argued that i am picking up a weapon to protect freedom but to that i ask, did Jesus ever pick up a rifle. No!!! I want to do all i can in the name of Jesus. So how can I be asked to Kill in the name of Christ. It doesn't make sense. I have been taught the art of warfare. In training they pound it into your skull to be a killing machine. For instance, when we were taught how to use a bayonet, the drill sargent would ask us "What makes the green grass grow?" We were to reply with, "Blood, blood, bright red blood!" This went on for several hours. How can that possibly be the path God set down for me when i was created? I come from a regular family. We are middle class and at times we struggle just like a lot of others do. When I graduated High School, the military was my ticket to a higher education. It was how i could go on to provide for my family. I knew what might be asked of me then. I knew I might go off to war but I told myself it was the price I would have to pay to obtain a happy life. What about the lives of those I would be asked to take up arms against? I have started school and I love what I do. The money for it comes from Uncle Sam. I can't help but think of it as my getting an education by giving up who I am by taking part in an army that is not the army of Christ. I don't want to be the soldier as dipicted on page 210 of your book. I want to be a soldier of God! I have started building a fund. I am going to pay for school on my own. I would get out of the miltary down right if could pay for school. I can't let down my parents by dropping out b/c i can't pay for school. Them have done so much aldready for me already. I can't let them down. So I am asking whoever reads this to help. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Plz don't judge me. Those of you that have never been ordered to hold a gun are lucky and those of you that have on some level understand where i am coming from. I don't want to be a tool of war. I would like to hear any comments anyone has good and bad. If you would like to help, give some words of encouragement, or just write to scorn me then please write me as howdoibecomeonewithgod@yahoo.com. Thank you, ~Nick


My blog posting starts with - Last night I had the privilege of hearing Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw as they spoke in Raleigh on their “Jesus for President” tour. The event fulfilled its claim to be an evening of teaching, storytelling, art, music, and liturgy to provoke the political imagination.
The posting ends with - Long live the slaughtered lamb! Long live the slaughtered lamb! Long live the slaughtered lamb! Amen!

From an Australian Atheist.

Planing on buying the book, might be an interesting read, but I have to admit I don't have much respect for Christians, I see them as worthless humans who slavishly follow the most currupt & dispicable people like Bush, Dobson, Pat Robertson and anyone who preaches hate and war. Useing the bible to justify violence by saying Jesus was sometimes violent, I wouldn't call overturning some tables in a temple really violent. You Christians are a disgrace to the God you say you worship.

I leave you with what the French Philosopher the Marquis de Sade said about war.-

War is simply public and authorized murder, in which hired men slaughter one another in the interest of tyrants. It proves nothing except the ambitions of the people promoting it - "The sword is the weapon of him who is in the wrong, the commonest resource of ignorance and stupidity"

He said some interesting things about Jesus and Christians too.

Tell that to G.W. Bush or your next Christian President.

I want to make a specific comment on page 172 of the book. The footnote tells us "not to implicate the rest of the American continent in the project of 'the United States.'" by referring to the U.S. as "America". If I could, I would change one simple word: continents. Let's not forget about our brothers and sisters in South America as well, and those that need to hear the Gospel there.

I'm a Christian Monk and children's advocate whose legal name is Santa Claus. I am a write-in candidate for President, permitted by 16 states, so far. I'm running because Obama and McCain refuse to address children's issues, especially the plight of the 2 million children in the U.S. annually who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, and institutionalized through no fault of their own. There are at least 50 million adults (voters) who, as children, suffered the same plight and political indifference these vulnerable children in dire circumstances do today. Perhaps, folks have forgotten Mark 10:13-16.
Thanks to God, I completed Santa's Bless the Children Tour in 2007, having visited every Governor's staff and discussing children's issues with legislators throughout the U.S. Please visit www.SantasLink.net to learn more about this unique ministry. Blessings, Santa (The Rev. Fr. Santa Claus, MA, OAC, OSL)

There is a message pertaining to this very thing. Check it out at www.koinonialounge.com. Here's the link: http://koinonialounge.com/Podcast/E38673D6-5D20-46FC-8AC7-00C55A8774ED.html

I was wondering if Jesus for President will ever be available on audiobook? I have a chronic illness that makes it extremely difficult to read books, but I really want to read the book. I listened to the audiobook of The Irresistible Revolution, and I loved it. Is there any way you can make Jesus for President available??

last year at eastern i had this flame burning inside of me and decided to pursue it a little with YACHT and after doing that a few times i figured it was something good to be apart of but it didnt take a lot of my time and thought. the flame sadly died down that i had. this year as a returning sophomore i have this anxiousness building inside of me to do something about the flame i lost last year. in church i had this awesome vision of how i was supposed to help those in need especially the homeless and my flame i once had became a bonfire in my heart and now im hungry for anything i can do to help! i know i have to take small steps in this adventure God has me on but i want to embark on this journey but im not sure where to start and what i need to do. i heard shane speak at eastern and it just inspired me to get moving and not wait for it to come to me but i have to run for this thing God wants me to do. i know He will open the doors for me in His time and will tell me what i need to do but i know i have to be the one who gets up and gets going on His plan. any help or resources that are offered are greatly appreciated because im just wondering around right now not too sure of the direction im supposed to be going.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I couldn't put it down for 60 pages after I opened it. Um... one critique and take it with a grain of salt: "US made AK-47's" ya'll really should have done more homework here. Other than that (and maybe a couple of other things - nobody's perfect right?) gutsy and prolific.

-Jacob M

i´m reading some very extraordinary things about Shane´s Irresistable Revolution and Jesus for president,but, the point is, i´m a big follower of Shaine´s works but i lived in Montevideo,Uruguay(South America),so it´s imposible (by now) to read those books,sad but true.I hope somehow ,someway ,get it soon...

Saludos from a uruguayan follower of Jesus!

*sorry my awful english(haha) complaints and grievances?
write me:

I wanted to let everyone know about a website that has many of the books Shane and Chris cited online in PDF form for FREE. www.plough.com.

Plough is an affiliatiated publishing house to the now past Bruderhof publishing house. The Bruderhof was created by Eberhard Arnold who was greatly impacted by Christ's life and call to community. From that call He created The Bruderhof community which is still in action today.

Eph 4:12
For the perfecting of the saints, for the
work of the ministry, for the edifying of
the body of Christ:

Q. What is "the ministry"?

I wonder what the work of the ministry would look like....it's hard to say if I
don't know what the ministry is.

Could it be the ministry of reconcilliation?

Does anyone actually do that anymore?

Does every church have elders that are ordained to do it?

Does the congregation know who they are?

Do they go to them for help in reconciling
with one another when any matter arrises that has caused division?

Are there brothers that will go with one who
has a matter against another, and has gone to that one first but has not been heard?

Are there any judges in the church that judge righeous judgments?

Are there any put in place to do that work?

What is the purpose of doing that kind of work?

Jer 22:16
He judged the cause of the poor and needy;
then it was well with him: was not this to know me? saith the Lord?

Didn't Jesus pray that we might know God, just before he went to the cross?

Is this worth reimagining:

Suppose a man went to a church for the first time. As he enters, he is handed a
worship bulletin. Just inside the door he is greeted by an elder who says something like......."Good morning! My name is______.
I am an elder here at_____. I haven't seen
you here before so I think you must be new
here. Let me tell you something about myself.

You might see me doing things like ushering,
greeting, leading in prayer or worship, organizing events, announcing upcoming activities, teaching Sunday School, singing in the Choir, etc, but those things are not
my job.

My job is to do Jer 22:3 by the gospel of
Christ. My job is to work in the ministry of
Eph 4:12. I work to reconcile.

If you have a matter against any, and have gone to them first and they have not heard you, and you have no brother to take with you, you may call upon me.

If you are willing to forgive, repent of your sins as they become known to you, and
are willing to be open, honest and authentic, then I will be more than blessed
to walk through any valley with you, for I know that God shall be found in the way of righteouesness, and that Christ is able to lead us there. He is our Good Shepherd and
knows each of his sheep, calling them by name. There is a path that leads to his safety and rest. (Men of this ilk walk with staff in hand and are able to find water in
any valley, for they are led of the Lord.)

From II Chron 19:
....And Jehoshaphat dwelt at Jerusalem:....
and brought them back unto the Lord God of
their fathers. And he set judges in the land throughout all the fenced cities of Judah, city by city, and said to the judges,
..........for the Lord, who is with you in the judgment..

I think judges (deliverers) should hear all matters at hand and upon hearing something that is wrong, or of an action that was wrong, make the plea, "Please have mercy".

They should ask if a thing is right, for isn't righteousnes always the heart of the matter?

Since our Lord announced the arrival of the kingdom of God there has been no serious attempt to create a flag representing the kingdom to which all Christians belong and owe their allegiance. There have, no doubt, been local efforts to produce such a symbol for use by a particular church but nothing intended to be recognized internationally. The Kingdom of God flag is proposed to fulfill that role.

I hope that you will take a few moments to become acquainted with it at:


and provide feedback or ask questions if moved to do so.

I am not a flag dealer. Anyone can make or sell this flag.

A servant of Christ,

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