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March 14, 2008


great idea on the blog tour - i am in

3 questions:

are there start/stop dates or the Jesus for President Blog Tour ?

is there a consistent tag you'd like bloggers on the tour to use ?

is there outreach planned for any of the large mkt blogs (Daily Dish, Crunchy Con, David Kuo, Townhall, TPM) ?

Thanks Bob! Per your 3 questions:

1. We'll run the blog tour from now to June 22nd. Shane and Chris launch there cities tour then on June 23rd.

2. Tags: Jesus for President
Any other suggestions?

3. Yes, we're working on PR/outreach to larger market blogs.

Thanks for being part of this blog tour! Shane and Chris are excited about the blog tour.

I just posted an entry for the blog tour here: http://mbjones.net/2008/03/19/jesus-for-president-blog-tour/

I'm using it as a collector for my other postings about the book (I've already had two and there are problem more in the works) as well as posted some of the promo material. Brandon

Thanks for the invitation to join the blog tour. This topic is so timely! Here's the permanent URL for my contribution to the tour:


I've been waiting to hear someone say what Shane has said--and in the way he has said it--for a really long time.

(I'm posting the link to the blogtour on my blog.)

Thank you!!

While I haven’t yet read the book, my first observation about the book tour alone is that Shane Claiborne and his subversive message of radical adherence to the Way of Jesus seem like strange bedfellows when matched with Zondervan, a Christian publishing juggernaut. Even more so when, at first blush, it seems like the publisher is going for a mega media blitz by way of viral advertising, baiting bloggers like me to post links to their merchandise in exchange for the potential for wider readership and comments from Claiborne himself.

Thanks for the opportunity to join in on the blog tour; it coincides nicely with an experiment I've started called the Pentecost Project (http://pentecostproject.wordpress.com). Shane, his first book and now this one, as well as Chris and the communities both guys live in, have been great inspirations.

Here's the permalink to my Jesus for President Blog Tour post:

Looking forward to seeing where this all goes!

Thank you for the invitation to participate in the blog tour. I have written a post about it here:


I am reading Jesus for President and will lead a group of people in a book study on this starting in May. I'll be writing about it again in the next few weeks again as well. Here is my first mention of it on my blog: The Metanoia.

Deana Hartman
P.S. We are screening Ordinary Radicals in September :-)

So here is the link. Ack!



just finished reading Shane's Irresistable Revolution book...coming unglued by the millisecond.
have Jesus for President on order...getting it tomorrow.

need to figure out how to take even the first steps in that direction...from where i am now it seems like a far journey to get where i feel is right and good for the world.
posted at:

Hello! I am covering the book (which is great so far) here:

I have just got my hands back on the book after my 17 year old son swiped it from me to read! He loved it, I am loving it. 6 People we know want to borrow it after I am done! Read more at my blog!


We are trying to get the buzz going. I am hosting a Jesus For President Bloggy Giveaway! A copy of the book is given to the winner!

I'm only part way throught the book--amazing how much it affects the way you think about things!
See my postings at:

i love the artwork for this book, being an artist myself. very creative. good to see in the 'christian world.' am reading the ordinary radical book, loving it too.

I posted again on Jesus for President. Check it out here. http://themetanoia.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/random/

My review appears here: http://jacsongs.blogspot.com/2008/05/jesus-for-president.html

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