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February 27, 2008


I'm totally in favor of conventions. But I have one criticism. They invariably avoid all mention of the Church's number-two priority (after genuine worship of the Living God).

We, the Church of Jesus, are alarmingly off course regarding the tragedy of the 10,000 Unreached Peoples, 40% of the world's population, who have little or no gospel penetration. We are taking forever to reach them… no fault of our gallant missionaries. Every day, about 100,000 members of these ethnic groups die and enter eternity with no knowledge of Jesus!

I've been in mission work for 25 years. I'm convinced God is allowing them to be reached so slowly because he has given us, the Church, the job of bringing the gospel to these 2.4 billion persons, and he's not going to interfere unless we ask for his help. I believe if enough congregations were to pray, even briefly, but earnestly every Sunday, God would sweep around the heroic efforts of our missionaries and the world would be reached quickly. "And then the end will come" (Mt.24:14).

I offer a free service to pastors and anyone who wants it. I'm doing the research, for any pastor who emails me. I send weekly emails with bullet-points, ready for the senior pastor to take to his pulpit. The main-preacher pastor will have the highest cooperation. Each email is about one Unreached People group, the same group Global Prayer Digest has chosen for the coming Sunday, so 70,000 GPD believers will be praying alongside us.

This is where godly wisdom can bring lovers of God into the most worthwhile cause on planet earth, second only to worshiping God directly and from the heart! My website has motivational material: www.prayforup.com Click on "Your Options" for ways of furthering this prayer effort.

Does prayer change things? Can enough prayer change things drastically? Are the promises of Jesus reliable? Are the lost really lost?

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