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Thanks Pastor Rick,

Wondering in that same sense- how you think icons might be beneficial for ministry.


"This is tragic, because when a preacher waters down the message, he literally strips the octane out of the message. He is robbing the message of the fuel it needs to ignite changed lives. Not all multisensory preaching falls into that category. In fact, there are some who teach in a purely lecture format who water down the message."

So true. Even before our society was as high-tech as it is, I can remember times when people would go up to the pastor and remark on some joke he told. That's all the person got out of the sermon! We have to be conscious that we're dealing with human beings who are often easily distracted and captivated by the wrong things and then the heart of the message is missed because they fixated on the one thing that was meant to enhance the message, not BE the message.

I what sense do you mean the use of icons? Can you provide some example?

Thanks Again Pastor Rick,

First, allow me to say that I am in substantial agreement with you.
What I was referring to was the historical use of icons. By the limited definition of the second Nicene Council- the sign of the cross, pictures of Christ, of the Virgin Mary, of angels and saints. Would you regard them all as beneficial? Where would you draw the line?


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