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It's funny you complain about the font in the GNT, because I prefer this one because I can read the font more easily than the NA27. I consistently get lost in the NA27 if my eyes move for even a second off the page.

With that being said, though, I will use it if I'm doing work that needs more textual criticism.

it was my understanding that the Nestle Aland is "scholars" choice and the UBS is the "translator's choice.

I tend to like the UBS too because they put in paragraph headings which do a couple of things (1) helps set apart paragraphs, and (2) it helps locate passages of scripture if you can't think of it right off hand. At least, these have been helpful features for me.

Thanks for this, Dr. Mounce.

BTW, the NET Bible diglot uses the NA27, not the USB4. (I use it often.)

Thanks for the corrections.

A friend and I get together weekly to read the GNT. I have the UBS Reader's GNT, he has the Zondervan Reader's GNT. He regularly comments how much more readable mine is than his. (The italic font on the Zondervan GNT is headache-inducing!)

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