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Great stuff!

John, how far can we go with not making "modern science" out of the Biblical texts concerning the creation of humans? If the Biblical texts are distinctively monogenistic, and modern science is sort of polygenistic (one geographic origin but not a single originating pair, at least in genetic terms), can we accept that modern science and remain true to the text? And if some NT writers (Paul) rely on the ancient science, what do we do with that? (Not a challenge - a genuine question!)

I have a issue with "We should not expect the Bible to answer the questions that arise from our own time and culture. Genesis was written to Israelites and addressed human origins in light of the questions they would have had. We should not try to make modern science out of the information that we are given, but should try to understand the affirmations that the text is making in its own context."

In Short if you beleive this than why do you even bother beleiving anything else in the WORD of GOD. Having such a tanted view implies that God did not know what He was doing when He wrote the scriptures. Your thinking implies He is not all knowing and there for could not see into the future and know that we would be needing His Word as Truth as people try and disprove His existance. If you say that the creation account is not the basis for scientific understand, knowledge and wisdom then you can not use anything that Christ said as authoritative as well. You have no reason for Christ if you do not believe God wrote His Word for all generations.

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