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Hi! We have been trying to get a hold of Dr. Mounce to check out a music video some Biblical studies majors made over at Biola University about Koine Greek. We think he will love it!



Your teacher sent it to me (by Derek North) and I posted a link on Teknia.com/classes -- under Biblical Greek I. It is fantastic.

Great post, Dr. Mounce! Your personal connection to this scripture really resounded. To God be the glory!

Thanks. I am preaching through Hebrews right now and I have filed this.

Thanks, Bill. Understanding the broader semantic range does make a big difference. Likewise it's been a difficult year for my family and knowing that the "consequences of life" just as the "consequences of sin" are used by God to mold and shape us is indeed comforting. Though it's very hard to Rejoice in the Lord Always!, it's not impossible if we believe God is using circumstances to make us more like Christ.

May God's work continue, no matter the costs.

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