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Excellent post. #5 and 6 are the ones that I struggle with the most, I think. But God has really been working with me of late and although motivated by a desire to help, I am learning more and more how not to take on too much and adjust to things not getting done that "I" think need to be done. God has also shown me that my desire to help comes from some broken place inside of me and so I am learning slowly (and painfully) but surely.

Your second point is critical for me. I find that interruptions can be divine appointments; yet for many (myself included sometimes) those interruptions can become irritants as we try to get our list done and stick by our schedules. Wow! 92% came to Jesus and He responded to their need. I will keep that one in mind. Thanks.

Excellent post. I never realized that 92% of Jesus' ministry was initiated by others!

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