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Thanks for reminding us that we need to be actively engaged in culture as part of our faith. I do wonder, though, how can we avoid the slippery slope of cultural accomodation, fending off both extremes of the Niebuhrian everything-is-good-and-useful view and the Barthian rejection of common grace? In my experience, churches tend to go to one extreme or the other when teaching congregants how to approach culture. What advice do you have for church leaders when attempting to strike a balance between CNN and Scripture?

"we should be alarmed if we only ever see in Scripture what a conservative Republican or postmodern liberal would expect to find there. C.S. Lewis reminds us to remember the “resistant material.” Find that part of the gospel that rubs your culture the wrong way, and then preach that part."

AMEN and AMEN! We should also be willing to preach the part of the gospel that even rubs us wrong.

Thanks for putting the battle/debate I face as a pastor to youth in such a clear form. I appreciate your thought provoking statements of what makes us different from the average person...and this is something I will use. (giving credit to you of cours!)

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