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Great post, Dr. Blomberg.

I am a non-charismatic pastor in a non-charismatic congregation. I have been at wit's end when it comes to fully understanding the passage at hand (James 5:13-18). I must confess to still having unsettled, nagging questions about the prescription there. Nevertheless, I still oblige my people whenever they ask to be anointed with oil and prayed for (which is not all that often, but, perhaps, once or twice a year). And they are quite appreciative that we - the elders - oblige them. And I have had, at least, one person that is convinced that God answered our prayer. While I cannot say that it was a miraculous answer to prayer, the "odds" were good that this person's cancer had recurred. And when this individual was tested shortly after we prayed for them, they were completely cancer free. So, until I am convinced otherwise, I continue to count this method as one of God's ordained ways to minister to the sick. Once again, thanks for the great post!

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