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Thanks for the report on Day 1, Bill. Although there are sometimes fireworks on the matter, I'm guessing that the topic this year is actually Text and Canon. :-)

I would enjoy hearing your reaction to Mark's paper on the ESV.

I agree with Wayne. If you could update us on the ESV paper it would be much appresiated. At present I use the ESV quite a bit, but the TNIV has a certain appeal as well, and some sort of best of both worlds approach would be great. One big thing for me in the TNIV is the rendering of Christos as Messiah, seems a much better way to get across the contextual meaning to todays audience.

M Slater, I am now posting Mark's paper on the Better Bibles Blog, with his permission. Because his paper is long, it will be divided into a number of posts on the BBB.

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