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Dr. Mounce,

I'm quite curious if you've read Ken Berding's "What are Spiritual Gifts?" I think his view of the gifts makes an enormous amount of exegetical sense and has some deeply important practical ecclesiological ramifications that address this very issue.


Excellent post! My church went through a split a couple of years ago in which we had one person pastoring a large (1000+), suburban church with many ministries. There was an elder body, but they and just about everyone else did what this one person wanted. In other words, he was the captain of the ship and everyone else were his deck hands. After the split, we went to a different model of leadership and now have a preaching pastor and an administrative pastor. I can see that the other pastoral staff are now moving in their areas of true giftedness as well. While our previous pastor is a good teacher and preacher and has good business sense, doing it all, especially at a church our size is a bit much. For some pastors, I think they have to get over their egos and being the one who does it all for such a large church and either realize the beauty and biblicalness in sharing the load with others who are gifted in others areas or do like your friend and find small, more manageable ministries where they can exercise their gifts without burning themselves out or driving their parishoners into the ground.

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