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Interesting Stuff..

In fact, my Seminary Professor ( William Osborne (Laidlaw College, Auckland, NZ)) suggested that it had the weight of "purposelessness". The same weight that "toil" has.

The anquish is the purposeless life that she will be bringing children into, since purpose has been lost with their actions.

The preacher in Ecclesiastes would seem to concur - all is vanity and chasing after the wind.

I've always wondered, and perhaps you could shed some light on this: by "increasing" her pain, does that imply that life before the fall was not totally pain or anxiety free?

The use of "increase" does not necessarily indicate that there was already some level of anxiety. It could mean increase from zero to a new level. For example, in Exodus 7:3 God indicates that he is going to increase the signs and wonders in Egypt, even though he has not begun to do them yet, and Isaac's blessing on Jacob refers to multiplying his descendants though he does not yet have any (Gen 28:3). Nevertheless, it frequently represents an increase from one level to another.

Thanks for shedding light on the "childbearing" verse. I'm currently pregnant and in the thick of the "anxiety that comes from the physical discomfort of pregnancy". It's comforting to know that God wasn't cursing Eve - it was just the result of death playing out in Eve's life calling.

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