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My question is what issues should have priority for the believer?

Life or The Economy?

Honestly I am going to feel bad about either side winning, and whoever I end up voting for.

As a Christian I think that (in answer to DeAntwan) life very much ought to be of the highest priority, the care and preservation of the life of God's image bearers.
Now this is linked to the economy etc, but more to the point if I vote Democratic I will feel culpable for endorsing a party which protects the right to kill the unborn.
On the same level though, if I vote Republican I will feel culpable for endorsing a party with hawkish tendencies that lead to the death of my neighbors in the US and my neighbors in the nations we war against.

I feel like our political system has become very lose-lose at this point if one is truly pro-life and not only pro-birth.

Regardless of who we vote for, it is incumbent upon the Church to do what it can to make a difference. If pro-choice candidates are elected, then the Church must do what it can to teach others about the sanctity of life (which we should already be doing whether it's abortion, capital punishment, unjust wars, etc.). Just because something is legal or even accepted by the larger society, does not give license to Bible-believing Christians to endorse those things or live that way. We are citizens of another kingdom and as such, we must do our part to teach others so that regardless of the laws of the land, people will choose to live another way.

One thing that doesn't get me is why some people overlook the life issue. After the mass murder of roughly 6,000,000 Jews in the massacre known as the Holocaust, many said, "Never again." Yet, a far worse massacre is occurring every day. Since Roe v. Wade, I believe something like 40,000,000+ babies have been murdered. That's over 6 times as many people murdered than in the Holocaust!! Why isn't there more uproar?? It's time for Christians to stand up for and defend the value & dignity of human life that the Bible so clearly teaches! So let's stand united for Christ!!

As I understand it, a just government has a clear and definable purpose. Namely, it is to protect individual liberties and promote justice (and distribution of wealth is not justice).

Given this, the first of the five questions smells bad to me. It suggests that it is the government’s job to take care of the poor (at least many will read it that way). That is not the job of the government, and certainly not the president. That is the job of the believer. Now if the question is whether a republican will protect the poor from being abused, that is a matter of justice which should affect how we vote. I have similar concerns with the, “mercy” and “compassion” question.

The glaring omission in the questions for democrats is, will they allow groups, such as the ACLU and others, to advance in their oppression of the liberties of Christians.

True, when you look back at the last 30 or 40 years. The increasing hostility agasint Christians has come from those who are most comfortable with the political left. So I think that's an important question.

For me, life is the number one issue. But I believe that you should add it to your 5 Questions to consider before voting Republican too. I believe this because even though there was a republican controlled congress, this issue was not really addressed.

Yes, there is the partial-birth abortion ban you say. But, is that really a victory? A ban on partial-birth abortions?

As far as Christian liberties, addressing Brandon, why would we be concerned or even scared of the ACLU? Just a question. All those who desire to live godly will suffer persecution.

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