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Well put, Mark. When Bob Jones III publicly endorsed Mitt Romney during the primaries, I realized that this election really was going to be about politics, not religion, which, from one point of view is as it should be. But who would ever have imagined the leader of true Christian separatist fundamentalism backing a "cult member" (as he would see it) for president! So complementarian Republicans who think McCain-Palin is the better ticket on political grounds should vote for them irrespective of anyone's gender or race on either side. White Democrats feeling the same way about Obama-Biden should do the same on their side.
What's sad, as both Ron Sider and David Gushee have articulately outlined in books published earlier this year, is how few American evangelicals truly recognize the full range of issues God is concerned about and how if you put them altogether you don't get classic Republican or classic Democratic party platforms. Fortunately, my Republican parents taught me never to just pull the lever or press a button and vote a straight ticket but to examine each race and each issue on its own merits. But that of course is more difficult--one really has to study, take risks, realize how little information the public has access to, pray hard, give it your best shot, and expect good friends not to understand!

Very fascinating discussion, thanks! I've got a question for you - if a person wanted to learn more about the Complementarian-Egalitarian Debate, what are some good sources to go to?

To the first part of your commentary on Obama, I say a resounding "AMEN!"


The best and most balanced presentation of both views in one volume is Two Views on Women in Ministry (Zondervan, 2005). Interestingly, it is co-edited and has contributions from Craig Blomberg, the first respondent to this blog. Small world, huh?


Fantastic post. You hit on the issues well. Indeed, the gender-and-faith discussion reverberating from Palin's VP nomination adds a welcome dynamic and forces the conversation about gender roles out into the bright sunshine.


Thanks for a balanced and sage post. On my blog, I have written a lot on comp-egal issues. I challenge some of the assumptions of both "biblical" comps and "biblical" egals.

I also wrote a series of posts on Jeremiah Wright and Trinity UCC, the Obama family's spiritual home for many years. I make some points about Obama's faith journey that complement things you say.

I recommend the blog entitled
complegalitarian, which struggles mightily to be a safe place for both comps and egals to dialogue.

I think this is the "year of living dangerously" for both major political parties in terms of their prez/VP tickets and this reverberates into other fora, shaking things up.

I think NO ONE is really sure what is going to happen now and WHY and THAT is scary.

Of course, Rebecca Merrill Groothuis' blog should be given careful consideration as well. You may find her at Men and Women: Leaders Together.

Great provocative post! I guess both sides will have to wrestle with some things. The strong conservatives with a mother of a special needs child leaving the home and the extreme left wing liberals with not supporting a female VP

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