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I am a member and BookStore manager of The BookStore at Hunter Street. Dr. Grudem's book has been used by God to have a monumental impact in the lives of many of our church members and beyond. We are deeply thankful for Dr. Grudem's gracious spirit and his willingness to be with us a few days last week. We also look forward to another round of Theological Reading Groups (TRGs) which will have many reading Dr. Grudem's book for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (and for some) even the 5th time!

Interesting concept that I would be interested in starting at my own church.

KC- I read more detail on the Baptist Press homepage and am curious why one of the ground rules at Hunter Street was to have no mixed gender classes.

What an encouraging story! And I love this idea. I may try it with my men's Sunday School class. Thanks for sharing.

I am lucky enough to be attending the same church as Dr. Grudem where he is taking around 250 of us through his text book!

How cool is that?

David, enjoy your study! Not everyone can say that they've studied with Dr. Grudem - and that's a special thing. Be sure to do your reading though, because he certainly knows the text!

Pat, as to your question about mixed gender classes, I can only guess they made that rule to provide an accountability aspect to the TRG's. That way as the members read and discuss theology they might also feel safer about confessing sin and discussing certain topics with the group. Again, I'm only guessing but this seems likely.

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