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January 27, 2012


It has been said that we are God's hands and feet. If that is true, then it must also be true that the wicked people of this world are Satan's hands and feet. When we go up to face the spiritual darkness of this world, the attacks usually come from the people we are trying to reach with the gospel. All I can say is that we need to remember that Jesus loves them, and we are to love them, even though they act quite evil.

I don't necessarily have advice, but I do have empathy. I think because evil feels so intangible and people are present, it's easy to blame them and forget there's anything else in the picture. For me, the same applies to the goodness of God, at times. I get mired in my limited views of a situation, and I forget there's someone bigger than circumstances, directing events behind the scenes.

Rachel: Great point about limited perspective. It's easy to pin responsibility on whatever is easiest to see.

Timothy: Thank you for adding your thoughts.

I'm going to challenge your conclusion that some people are Satan's hands and feet. While I know of places in Scripture that talk about people once being enslaved to sin (i.e. Romans 7), I believe that's different from saying Satan has a kind of "equal opportunity" to exercise the kind of power that God does.

I'm open to hearing biblically-based pushback on that, though.

Regardless, I agree entirely that it sure *feels* like angry people attack us, and I admire how you say "We need to remember that Jesus loves them, and we are to love them, even though they act quite evil."

Thank you so much for sharing!

If a friend is dealing with a problem with another person, my advice is not to have a battle because the problem is just going to keep on growing, just to forgive and forget. Also jesus wants us to love oneanother just like we love him!

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