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November 01, 2011


Since it's not fair for me to ask you to share without sharing myself, here's an example:

After some tough stuff in my life I was down and out and changing churches to boot. I had been a longtime volunteer with the youth group, but needed a break. I said 'no' to volunteering at my new church until I was back on solid ground. Over time I have learned when to say 'yes' to volunteering, and I am really enjoying the time with the youth group again.

As hard as it is to say no to one's child, I knew that my son shouldn't go with his cousins to the lake. The cousins decided to ride 4 wheelers and 2 out of the four were seriously hurt in an accident. I feel that saying no, when you know God puts that "God feeling" in your heart can save a lot of heartache.

This isn't going to sound like a big deal, but it's significant.

I've said "no" to a lot of playdates for my young kids because the calendar was filling up too fast and getting the kids out the door in the morning was beginning to be too much for them and me. By saying no, I felt like I was cutting off socialization opportunities that they needed, but it's made our house and children so much more peaceful. We still go out one day a week, and it's more of a treat than a chore.

When my fiance's sister was living with us, she was exhibiting some pretty challenging behaviors. Being that she had just turned 18 and had stolen from us, brought drugs into our home, etc., we decided that it was finally time to say “enough is enough.” We did not want to enable her behavior because it wouldn’t help her in the long run. It hurt, but her progress was out of our hands.

It was a simple thing yet even now my sister-in-law hesitates when she wants to ask me a question. On more than one occasion she has asked me to say the grace before a meal. I have always felt uncomfortable doing so. I had mentioned to her once before that someone else could do so and yet she chose a very public place to tell me to pray. I said no.

I am part of many ministries at my church and the chapel on our military base. I was recently asked to become a teacher in the preschooler class and I had to tell them 'no'. That would just be the cherry on top that would cause a burn out I'm sure. Someday I will be able to, but not right now.

Our family was ministering at a church plant when our babies were nursery/toddler age. I spent 3 out of 4 Sunday's in nursery duty. It was TOO much. Now, our children our older, but I have learned to say NO.

Thank you all for sharing your stories of saying 'no.' We will be praying that each of you continues to grow and be strengthed to set boundaries in your lives.

The winners are:
- Marsha
- Roxana
- Michele
- Tiffany
- Tammy

We will send an email to each of you with next steps.

Thanks again!

During a difficult time with my mother's illness, I struggled to stand my ground with my brother as he delayed making time to see our mom. He responded with excuses and although it was difficult, I told him I would not accept his behavior or bullying and that my feelings were just as valid as his were. It was one of the first times I didn't back down with him.

Today the winners should have received an email with the next step from our blog editor, Adam Forrest. Thanks again to everyone who shared a "no" story, it's a blessing to hear them!

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