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August 21, 2011


I would leave a reflective and thoughtful comment about this excellent post, but I'm trying to learn to say "no" more often when casually invited to share my opinion. :)

Ha! Good job on giving us a life application, Rich.

Can't wait to read both Boundaries and Beyond Boundaries, Adam. I've heard really good things about these two books. “No” is not an oft-used word in my vocab because of one very simple but very (unnecessarily?) convicting reason: the guilty feelings that follow from not saying “yes.” Thanks again for the great recommendation and another enriching blog post.


I took a landlording class at our local community school district..changed my life! I have a blog on being a "Vacation Counselor" which I feel like I am now, after renting them for 11 years. I have a blog at karensMIcottage at wordpress and it is ironically called Boundaries! I am a huge fan of Dr. Cloud's..


Karen, so glad to hear that class was helpful to you!

I like your blog. I chuckled a bit when I read, "I wasn’t born with rental property knowledge, most Vacation Counselors learn thru the 'school of drunk frat brothers that lied on the rental app'." Ouch. This would be tough for me. But I agree with what you say next, that the process is important because that's how we can learn to set solid boundaries. Thank you for sharing!

Rock on Karen, -Adam

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