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October 20, 2008


I used to live in Southern California. I miss the weather there!

Why do you mention Nora Roberts, and why would you want to be her anyway? Hello. The woman writes soft porn - graphic sex in every book. A little scary to find Roberts' name mentioned on a Christian website folks.

That is precisely why Laura Jensen Walker is NOT Nora Roberts. I think the context in which Nora's name is mention is very appropriate for Laura's post.

Read it again...

But since I’m not Nora Roberts or Nicholas Sparks, "I MAKE DO" with the occasional vacation “across the pond” as our budget allows.

In context, "since I'm not Nora Roberts, I have to settle for..."

Come on now, editor.

The comparison is strictly financial. I'm afraid you're reading too much into it. A little grace, please. Thank you.

I probably am reading too much into it. Though I would rather see the name of someone who writes such blantantly God-dishonoring stuff not mentioned at all.

I can understand your concern. Now our readers know it's a good idea to avoid material written by Nora Roberts. Thanks for the comments.

Seeing as this conversation isn't going anywhere fast, I thought I'd interject and say that I love the illustrations in this book. They added quite the element of charm to the story. I was very impressed.

Also, I was impressed with the method of getting those drunk guys off their backs. I laughed out loud during that scene. Not that I encounter too many drunks, but should I ever want guys to stop hitting on me, I will certainly try that method.

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