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July 15, 2008


Russell posted a link to the original study.

Page 15 contains the requirements for graduation.

"Technically speaking, to qualify as a graduate of IFI a participant must: (1) complete 16 months in the IFI program at the Carol Vance Unit; (2) complete 6 or more months in aftercare; (3) hold a job and have been an active member in church for the previous 3 months prior to graduation; and (4) verify that he has satisfactorily completed the aftercare requirements."

And again on page 48 :

"A program graduate is someone who completes not only the in-prison phases
of IFI dealing with biblical education, work, and community service (usually lasting 16 months), but also includes an aftercare phase (usually lasting 6 months) in which the participant must hold a job and have been an active church member for 3 consecutive months following release from prison."

Seems holding a job and attending church for 3 months were required to be considered a graduate.

It would be interesting to know the recidivism rate of those who did not go through the program but held a job for 3 months after release. Since a job means money, which then leads to housing and food, it would seem that a lower tendency to commit crime would be expected.

Left a lot of points unanswered.

For the record, I've responded to this and two other posts in a three-part reply at:

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